On 18th October, 1929, Tragedy struck the village when two members of the Tyler family were killed in a tragic accident.  They were involved in cleaning a well, which is thought to have been in the grounds of what is now number 5 Burnham Close.

Ernest Tyler went down the well, but was overcome by fumes.
His father, William Tyler then went down the well to try to rescue Ernest, but he was also overcome.
Albert Tyler, another son of William, brought the bodies to the surface after 5 attempts, and became unconscious himself.  Fortunately, he later recovered in hospital. Ernest and William both died, despite the application of artificial respiration and oxygen.

Albert and William were awarded the Royal Humane Society’s Silver and “in Memoriam” awards and Albert was awarded the Edward Medal at Buckingham Palace by King George V on March 6th 1930.  However, when the Edward medal was withdrawn, he was later awarded the George Cross by the Queen in its place. 

The Edward medal was donated to the Hertford Museum, being the only example of its kind in the country.

Young William and Phil Tyler beside the Well where the tragedy occurred (Sunday Pictorial 20/10/1929)

Sunday Pictorial Picture of the Well 1929