Burnham Green People

Burnham Green has a history as varied as the people who have lived in it. There are many family names which go back many generations and some which are far less ancient in the area than they may seem.

Archers, and Shadbolts, Brownsells, Hipgraves and Tylers (to name but a few!) have all lived on the Green for generations and can be seen in the old census records of the village from 1841 onwards.

Sadly, many of these names can also be seen on the War Memorials to the Great War (1914-1918) and the Second World War (1939-1945).

The well established Tebbutt family, on the other hand, only date their Burnham Green history to when George Tebbutt moved to the village as a cowman around 1940.

Alan Tyler’s Reminiscences
Reminiscences of a Hertfordshire Hedgehog

We are keen to collect as many potted histories of Burnham Green folk as we can.  Please let us know your stories of Burnham Green characters.