Burnham Green Joint Management Committee

Burnham Green might not be in a parish, but it’s still a community of its own with a colourful history and a wonderful village green.

This was for many years looked after, not by Hertfordshire County Council who own it, but by Datchworth Parish Council and Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council maintaining the two parts of the green separately, as the parish border runs through the middle of Burnham Green.

When Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council decided to pull out of maintaining the half which fell in their area, local residents were left wondering who would cut the grass.  

Datchworth Parish Council were quickly on the case and engaged their opposite number, Welwyn Parish Council, to help ensure not only that the area didn’t deteriorate, but that improvements in the arrangements could be made with local participation.

A new lease was therefore drawn up by the two Councils in liaison with Hertfordshire County Council and a “Burnham Green Joint Management Committee” was set up to administer it. The new lease and agreement are designed to see that Burnham Green isn’t just maintained to a good standard, but that activities are better coordinated across the entire village. The Joint Management Committee, which includes local residents, is charged with looking after it with the full support of both Datchworth and Welwyn Parish Councils.

The first meeeting of the BGJMC was held on June 18th 2015.

Minutes of meetings and Agendas etc are held on this website for public access.




















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